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Main Objectives,

The purpose of this Manch is to bing the people of Kushwaha Community working in Govt./Semi Govt. Offices situated in Delhi/NCR or retired from these but residing in Delhi/NCR on a common platform to render the following social objectives :-

1. To help newly appointed Government Officers/Staff of this community working in Govt./semi Govt. offices in Delhi/NCR or those who are to be posted there, to get accommodation facility and fulfil their other needs.

2. To make arrangements for tour and pilgrimage for the members and their family.

3. To assist the unemployed youth of the community to get employment and encourage them to set up their own business.

4. To provide exposure and to encourage emerging artists, players and intellectuals for improvement of their talent/skills.

5. To conduct various types of programmes for social, economic and academic development of the community.

6. To conduct various educational programmes, set up and run educational Institutes, provide all possible assistance to the brilliant poor students and encourage them.

7. To extend help in registration of residential Cooperative Societies, thrift and credit societies to those in need.

8. To establish health centers, disseminate information on fatal diseases, AIDS, etc., and make available of medicines, create awareness among them about blood donation, the importance of physical hygiene, natural sanitation, cleanliness and make arrangements for safe drinking water, toilets etc.

9. To promote unity and integrity amongst the community and the society at large and to inculcate mutual understanding, respect for all people and conduct programmes for this purpose.

10. To discourage child labour and to conduct programmes for the women and child development and for the welfare of elders, differentially-abled people, handicapped people, child labourers, old destitute persons, widows and to establish old age homes for old deserted persons.

11. To generate awareness amongst people for energy conservation, environment protection and run programmes for plantation, greenery to make this world a better place to live in.

12. To provide information on quality seeds, fertilizers, emphasise on use of latest scientific and innovative methods of cultivation, irrigation to enhance food production.

13. To conduct releif programmes for the victims of floods, droughts, famine, and other natural calamities in time of need.

14. To ogranise programmes to free the society of evils like smok ing, alcoholism, gambling, dowry etc.

15. To assist in the development of knowledge, intellectual skills, talent, etc. by setting up libraries, reading rooms, music classes and to provide training on playing of musical instruments, dance, drama, etc.

16. To create awareness amongst people about RTI, Consumer Protection Act, Panchyati Raj, adult suffrage and other legal matters. To create a positive impact on the society by performing selfless service and to bring about a desirable social change in the country.

17. To make the people of community informed and aware about the various acts and schemes of the State and Union Governement.

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